My Credit Cards Paid Me Last Year

Last year for the first time ever my credit cards made me money instead of costing me money. I received a $150 bonus for signing up for a Sony card and then another $25 bonus for charging $100 on it. I also cashed out $20 cash back from my Discover card. I earned an additional $13 cash back from Discover and $60 cash back from Chase that I haven’t yet cashed out.

I also engaged in some credit card arbitrage. This was roughly a break even endeavor since I decided to end it early and use the money to pay off debt. If you consider the savings on paying off the debt than I came out slightly ahead.

I paid a total of $1 in credit card interest for the year. This was due to forgetting about the 0% interest rate on my Chase Freedom card ending.

The reason I made my money from my credit cards last year is that I was disciplined in using them. I didn’t charge anything on them but purchases I would have made anyway that I knew I could completely pay off before interest accrued. Credit cards can be a good tool if you are disciplined in using them.

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