Getting Ahead On Minimum Wage

I’ve discussed this before in my post Saving on Minimum Wage which was included in The Great Money Challenge‘s post More on How to Live on Minimum Wage.  This post features several posts about minimum wage.  I highly recommend reading How to Get Wealthy on Minimum Wage  by Early Retirement Extreme.  I just started reading Early Retirement Extreme last week and it is one of my favorite blogs.  Through what some would consider extreme frugality he has managed to become financially independent in just five years.

You should also check out Multi-Millionaire Made on $11/hr Job at Consumerism Commentary.  This is more than minimum wage but still a very modest salary for becoming a millionaire.  All these posts show how frugality can help you get ahead while making a small income.  Of course if you’re making a modest wage you should also look into ways to increase your income.

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