A Profitable Thanksgiving Trip

I managed to get three days off from both jobs for Thanksgiving.  I still managed to make some money during that time though.  My mother works at a travel agency located inside a bank and while visiting her I noticed the bank was paying a $50 bonus for opening a free checking account.  Since I run a site on bank bonuses I couldn’t pass this deal up.   It wmas an easy $50 but it appears to be a YMMV deal and it is a small bank chain so I didn’t add the bonus to my bank  bonuses blog.

I also bought a Zune 80gb mp3 player and sold it on eBay.  It looks like I’ll make about $25 in profit after all fees are paid.  If everything goes smoothly in the transaction this will be worth my time.  If there are problems I’ll probably wish I hadn’t bothered.

Of course the main benefit of my trip was getting to see my family.  The Thanksgiving meals were a great benefit as well.

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