Cheap Movie Tickets

Fandango is running a promotion with McDonald’s that allows you to buy a movie ticket for $1.  You have to go to their website at 12pm (pst) on Wednesdays and find out the word of the day which you then text to Fandango.  Then you will receive a text back with a promo code allowing you to buy a ticket for $1.   I did this yesterday and it wasn’t too difficult.  You need to visit the promo page to get all the details.

Also if you have a Discover card there will be a buy one get one free promo through Fandango starting December 4th.  This page will have the details.

I am a big movie fan and am always looking for ways to save money at the movies.  I usually go to the matinees but with my $1 movie ticket I’m planning to go to a late night movie.  If I would ever get smart and quit buying the large popcorn I could save a lot more money.  Every time I eat a large popcorn I get a stomachache but the next time I’m at the theater I seem to forget that and eat a large popcorn again.  Maybe now that I’ve written this down I’ll actually remember.

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