Caffeine is Killing Me

Or actually the lack of it is killing me right now.  This is my third day without caffeine and I still have a headache from caffeine withdrawal.  I’m also experiencing a lack of energy. I’m hoping that these symptoms will clear up by tomorrow.

I decided to quit caffeine because I got tired of my energy level soaring and crashing depending on how much caffeine I’d had.  I’m also not sure what effect caffeine has on my depression but I’ve decided that without caffeine it will be easier to determine when physical symptoms are being caused by depression rather than something else.

Right now is probably not the best time to be giving up caffeine because I have an assignment due for law school tomorrow.  I’m being allowed to write a paper for credit and a grade while I’m out of school for this semester.  Successful completion of this paper will also be highly determinative of whether I am readmitted.  Therefore it is extremely important that I get this paper done on time.  The outline and thesis is due tomorrow but I’ve been procrastinating.  With my caffeine withdrawal and a bout of double depression I haven’t felt like doing anything. The only reason I’ve finally gotten around to writing a blog post is to delay working on my outline.  Oh well, I guess I have nothing left to do now but get to work.

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