My Biggest Freebie Yet

As part of their grand re-opening a local McDonald’s had a promotion giving one year of free extra value meals to the first 100 walk-in customers and first 100 drive-thru customers.  They re-opening was scheduled for 5 am and the restaurant is located just a little off my usual route home from my route home so I decided to stop by and see what the line looked like.  I got off work at 4:15 am and arrived at the restaurant at 4:30 am.  There were only 3 people in line.  This was a lot fewer than I expected.  Since there was no worry of not being in the first 100 I left to gas up my car and came back.

I was the 5th person in line when I came back.  There were no problems with getting my free coupons when they opened up.  They are good for one free extra value meal a week for a year.  The line was short enough that I thought about getting in the drive-thru line and getting another set of coupons.  I decided that one free Mcdonald’s meal a week was enough though. I think this is my best freebie yet.  For a half hour of my time and driving a couple miles out of the way I am receiving about $250 worth of free food.  I know that McD’s food is bad for me but since I’m eating it anyway it might as well be free.

3 thoughts on “My Biggest Freebie Yet”

  1. I think there might be some healthier extra value meals. Go for the grilled chicken with no mayo.

    A local Subway did this, but it was one sub a month. And though the coupons said medium sub, they claimed it was a misprint and should be regular (their small) sub.

  2. I could have a healthier extra value meal but I doubt I actually will. I’m thinking I might get one of the larger extra value meals and then divide it into two meals. This will stretch my free food and keep the calories per meal down.


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