What’s Happening Now

No, I’m not talking about the sequel to the 70’s TV program “What’s Happening” featuring Rerun and his friends. I’m just updating a few things that have happened since I last posted.

I got a ticket on Friday which will cost me $126. If I go through diversion to keep the ticket off my record it will be an additional $20.  I plan on doing that since I haven’t had a ticket in the last 10 years and I would like to keep my MVR spotless. I probably could have avoided this ticket if I would have just agreed with the officer and not argued with him but I thought the officer was wrong and still do.  I’m not sure if being right is worth $146 though.

I’ve decided to go ahead and pay off my credit card even though it is at 0%.  My balance is down to $424 and I think I should be able to pay it off next month. The ticket and some other extra expenses I have next month will make it tight to have enough money to pay off the card though.  If I can’t get the card paid off next month it isn’t a big deal since the card will be at 0% until January.

I bought clothing for the first time this year yesterday.  I bought a couple pairs of swim trunks to double as running shorts at Target.  They were on clearance and the total for both of them was right at $12 with tax.

2 thoughts on “What’s Happening Now”

  1. Dunno about your state, but in mine you can go to court and contest a ticket. If the officer doesn’t show up, chances are you’ll get off…even if you don’t have a good argument, which it sounds like you do.

    Nothing ventured, nothing gained…a couple hours of your time could be worth $146.

  2. vh- I thought about doing that but if the officer does show up I’m sure the judge will take his word over mine. I’d take the chance but that would mean no chance of doing diversion which keeps the ticket off my record.

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