Sales Tax Holidays

Missouri is having their state sales tax holiday this weekend (Aug. 3-5). I doubt I’ll be taking advantage of it. The benefit of these holidays is commonly overblown. The Missouri state tax rate is 4.225%. With county and city taxes the total rate is around 7-8%. Stores commonly run sales with discounts much larger than 8% so I don’t know why people get excited over not having to pay state sales tax. Not all cities and counties participate in the holiday which would make your savings even less. In addition only certain items can be purchased and there is a maximum cost limit on these purchases. If you’re already planning on making a purchase and the store also has the item on sale this can be a good deal but I don’t think it is anything worth going out of your way for.

2 thoughts on “Sales Tax Holidays”

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  2. I am not that that good of a blogger and just noticed that I posted a comment to your post on MO’s sales tax holiday. My comment is general and was not ment to be tied to that specifc post.


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