April Expenses

Here are my April expenses by category:

















My transportation expense went up a lot because I’m using my car for my delivery job. Food expense also went up since I bought too many groceries and ate out too often. Food expense will definitely come down this month as a result of my current grocery challenge. Medical/Dental will have a huge increase because I’m paying $830 to get my wisdom teeth taken out. I hope to increase the amount paid towards my debt also. Everything else should remain roughly the same.

I thought I had previously posted my March expenses but I can’t find them on my blog. I’ll be posting them later this week.

3 thoughts on “April Expenses”

    • This is an old post and doesn’t reflect my current spending. When I was single though my food budget usually was about $100 a month. I ate mostly simple meals sandwiches and cereal and stuff like that with occasional fast food meals. It probably wasn’t the healthiest food but I’d guess that it was at least as healthy as the typical American’s diet.

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