More on Dumpster Diving

There is a new post on dumpster diving at the Frugal Duchess. She included my post on dumpster diving as well as posts from All Financial Matters and Frugal for Life. She is going to provide her own tips in a later post. There is some good information on dumpster diving in these posts. As a postscript I’d like to add that I have made almost $60 this month selling coupons I retrieved from the trash.

5 thoughts on “More on Dumpster Diving”

  1. Dumpster diving has been very, very good to me. Check out my dumpster diver blog to read all about it.
    Duckin’ and Divin’ Techniques of A Recycle Ranger

    www (dot) duckndive (dot) blogspot (dot) com

    Or do a web search for ursusdave to find it.

  2. David- I checked out your blog. Interesting stuff.

    ~Dawn- Right now I’m only taking stuff out of my apartments junk mail trash can. It is relatively clean. Haven’t done the full scale dumpster diving yet.

  3. As I’m in a house now, hubby and I content ourselves with picking up salvageable things (usually furniture) we find our at the curb for “bulk trash” takeaway. We fix the stuff up and give it to friends or donate it. But back at my apartment we had people throw away the darndest things. Our strangest bonanza came in several installments. First was a horde of XXX-rated videotapes that someone dumped into the (previously empty) dumpster. The fun part came the day after: dozens of mint-in-package action figures in the same dumpster. To our amazement, the next day we found dozens of books. It looked suspiciously like someone secretly disposed of someone else’s porn horde, and as revenge the victim dumped out the aggressor’s action figures, and then as revenge for that, the aggressor got rid of a bunch of victim’s books. This childish behavior netted us a few hundred dollars all told, and that was selling things for only a buck or two.


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