$500 Weight-Loss Challenge

Your weight indicates your health
photo credit: sylvar
As I have done terrible so far this year on my weight-loss goal I have decided to try something different. My original weight-loss goal for this year was to lose 30 pounds. I’ve gained weight since setting that goal so I now need to lose 40 pounds and am aiming for a weight of 180 pounds.

In order to meet this goal I’m asking you, my readers, to hold me accountable. I need some extra motivation and since I am money motivated I’ve decided that if I don’t meet this goal I will give $500 to my readers. The prospect of losing $500 should motivate me to lose weight. I’m not sure how I will distribute the $500 but it will go to readers of this blog. You will somewhat have to take my word for whether I meet my goal. I will post before and after pictures as a form of proof though. If I haven’t posted by the end of December that I’ve met my goal contact me and remind me of this challenge. To be eligible to receive part of the $500 you need to leave a comment on this post. Thanks.

***I have turned off the comments and closed the challenge to new entrants. Thanks to everyone who entered for all the support and encouragement. I will keep you updated on my progress.