It’s Just 35 Cents

I was reading the comments on another site recently and a commenter complained about a customer holding up a line for 10 minutes because he had been overcharged 35 cents.  The commenter felt it was ridiculous to cause such a fuss for just 35 cents.  As you might expect from a tight-fisted miser I have a different view. My feeling is that if it is just 35 cents then it should not have been a big deal for the store to give the customer his money. As a matter of principle I would get my 35 cents.  I suspect that whether “it’s just 35 cents” varies somewhat depending on whether it is your 35 cents or somebody else’s 35 cents.  Also a feeling of “it’s just 35 cents” might lead to it’s just a dollar or five dollars or one hundred dollars.  You need to respect your money if you want to keep it.

That  being said there are situations in which I would not worry about 35 cents.  What do you think?