photo credit: Joe Lazala
The concept of mini-retirements was one of many ideas in The 4-Hour Workweek that I like. Before reading the book I’d already come up with my own similar concept of semi-retirement. The idea is that instead of waiting to have one retirement at the end of many years working you take occasional mini-retirements during your working years.

Now that I am out of school I am ready for my first real mini-retirement. My hike on the AT later this year is what I’m considering as my first real mini-retirement. I’ve taken similar trips and breaks in the past but this one is different. The main difference is that I won’t be spending all my money to take it and should actually have about as much money at the end of it as the beginning of it. The other difference is that I will have the ability to resume making money as soon as I return from my trip. In the past taking a trip of this sort usually meant quitting a job before the trip and then looking for another one after the trip was over. Now I’m not nearly as dependent on job income. I may look for a seasonal job when I return though to increase my income. This method of taking mini-retirements will likely delay my ultimate retirement but I consider the trade off worth it.