Gambling and Frugality

Gambling is not a frugal activity. Earlier this year my gambling was going pretty well but since then the tables have turned and I have been steadily losing money. I have noted that I am not disclosing my gambling wins and losses on this blog. I have not kept exact track of my gambling but I would guess that I have lost about $300-$400 gambling this year. That is not a big amount but with my small income it is too much. Also it seems a little silly to be trying to save a few dollars with coupons and then blow a $100 in the casino. I am frugal in all areas of my life except gambling. There is a disconnect between my beliefs and actions when it comes to gambling. Gambling was the major contributor to my filing bankruptcy 14 years ago. I am in control of my gambling now but I can still feel that urge to bet more and more. From now on I will be disclosing my gambling wins and losses. Also I will only bet when I think I have favorable odds and until I have a significant increase in income my gambling will be limited.

My Last Vice

photo credit: muztiko

Gambling is the last costly vice I have left. This used to be a major money drain for me and is now one of the few areas where I feel I waste money but I certainly don’t spend money on it like I used to. I’ve lost about $100 in three gambling sessions this year. That isn’t too much but I don’t feel that I am receiving a good value for my money. I only play poker but I need to get a lot better or luckier before I can justify playing on a regular basis. I do feel that my gambling is completely under control but I am going to give it up for the rest of the year as a test of my self-control. Also it does seem kind of silly to do many little things to save a few bucks and then blow several times that during a couple hours gambling.