Defending My Dreams

It has been a dream of mine since I was young to be a writer and to own my own business. Since I have a good amount of savings, a minimum of expenses, and some income already established I am currently going to pursue that dream. I plan to make my living from my blog and other writing. When I tell people that I intend to make my living from my online endeavors I’m generally met with a negative reaction. I’m not entirely sure why this is.

There are some who are skeptical that I can actually make enough money to support myself. It is yet to be seen whether I can actually do so but I have plenty of money to pay my expenses while I’m trying to establish myself. Since I’m paying my own bills and I’m not responsible for anybody else I don’t see that it is anyone’s concern if I want to spend some time establishing myself as a blogger/writer.

The more common criticism is that I need to be working. And by working they mean I need to have a job. It seems to many that if you don’t have a job then you are not doing anything productive. This isn’t true. Lots of work doesn’t involve having a job and you can be plenty productive outside a job as well. If I am going to be successful at this I will need to do lots of work. Some feel that time not spent at a job is wasted time. Is writing a blog post that I don’t get (directly) paid for a waste of time? Is it being productive? I don’t think it is a waste of time and I think that I’m being productive. Those who think I should get a job probably think the opposite.

I’m not letting this criticism stop me. My feeling is that most people would love to pursue their dreams if they had the opportunity but are afraid to take a chance. I may not succeed but I will not regret trying.