FBN Roundup- Half Marathon Edition

I ran a half marathon yesterday. My original plan was to run a full marathon in October but a lack of training made that unlikely.  I scheduled the half marathon this month instead.  I still didn’t do very much training but it was enough to finish although at a very slow pace.  Here are some of my favorite posts from the Frugal Blog Network and beyond this week.

Almost Frugal gives us childproofing your house – the frugal way.   I don’t think I’ll ever need to do this but these sound like some good tips.

Frugal Babe refinished a coffee table.  This is an interesting coffee table. I wonder how much it cost to make it.

Frugal Zeitgeist talks about frugality and simple living. This is an explanation of what frugal means to her.

Not Made of Money shares five personal finance gifts for under $25.  These gifts will continue to give.

The Frugal Duchess gives us some ways to winterize your home.  She probably doesn’t need to winterize her home too much since she lives in Miami.  This is solid advice though.

And from beyond the FBN I also liked Not the sort of person who… from Wisebread.  This is a great examination of why people choose not to adapt certain frugal behaviors.