Ebay, Swagbucks and Twitter

Here are a few things I want to share that don’t really justify making a separate post about so I’m putting them all in this post.

Ebay is having a seller special that allows you to pay no insertion fees March 10-23 for your first ten listings.  This might be enough to motivate me to actually list some of my stuff this weekend.  The stuff I’m selling is mostly media which would only be a five cent insertion fee anyway but since I’ve been meaning to list this stuff anyway I might as well save a few nickels. Visit the promo page for more info on the eBay promotion.

I’ve added a Swagbucks banner to the top of the site.  They are a search and win company and I’ve been pleased with my results at the site.  I’ve redeemed three $5 Amazon gift certificates and I have points worth about $25 more.  All of this just for doing searches as normal and occassionally mentioning the site here for referrals.  Click on the banner for more information or to sign up.

I’ve added a Twitter banner to my sidebar.  I’m still figuring out how to best use Twitter.  I’m thinking I’ll mostly use it to post special deals and freebies.  I also wanted to mention this post where $3 is donated to charity for each person who follows Tim Ferriss on Twitter.