The Hazards of Cutting Your Own Hair

I’ve been cutting my own hair for several years. At a conservative estimate of $10 a month for a haircut, I save $120 a year by cutting my own hair. My only cost is a $10 pair of clippers (that I got for free). Being a frugal person I’m always looking at ways to cut my expenses. Before I got my clippers I was getting my hair cut to a short buzz cut anyway so I decided it would be easy to just cut my own hair. I usually just put the 1/2 inch guard on the clippers and buzz away. It doesn’t take any skill and it is pretty difficult to mess up.

Tonight I found a way to mess it up. I forgot to put the guard on before I started cutting my hair. I cut a stripe right down the middle of my head. My mistake was immediately obvious but it was too late, I couldn’t uncut my hair. At that point I had two options, I could either go for a reverse mohawk hairstyle or just cut it all off. I didn’t think I could pull off a reverse mohawk so I cut it all off. Hopefully, I won’t be mistaken for a skinhead while I’m waiting for my hair to grow out. On the plus side I shouldn’t need to cut my hair again for quite a while.