One Month Appalachian Trail Hike Plan

Here is the latest plan for my one month hike on the Appalachian Trail. I’ll start by flying out of Kansas City to Philadelphia on Tuesday the 14th. From there I’ll take the bus to Delaware Water Gap, PA to get on the A.T. This town is on the PA/NJ border so when I head south from there I will be hiking through all of PA. It will be about 7pm when I arrive in DWG so I’ll probably just stay at the hostel for the night and begin my actual hike the next morning.

My plan is to hike to somewhere around US 50 in Virginia, possibly all the way to Waynesboro, VA if I end up hiking really fast. I haven’t decided how I’m getting back home yet but I’ll figure that out as I’m hiking. I like to keep my options open and not plan ahead too much.

I will have a guidebook with me and I’ll stay in a town about once a week or so to shower and resupply. When I hike I make sure I have enough food to get to the next resupply and that is about the extent of my hiking.

I’m going to try to hike for the whole month on a budget of $200. That will break down to roughly $100 for food and $100 for everything else such as hostels, showers, laundry,replacement gear, etc. I won’t be including the cost of getting to the trail or getting back home. If this budget proves to be unrealistic I will adjust it rather than make myself miserable trying to stick to the budget. Based on my previous hiking though I believe this budget is at least reasonably close what I will spend.

I should be able to get on the internet about once a week to update the blog and moderate comments and such. I will also have daily tweets about my hike as long as I have cell coverage. If that interests you be sure to follow me on Twitter. I hope you all will stick around while I’m hiking.