Ideas for Giving Away $500

Those of you who entered in my $500 weight-loss challenge back in May now stand to collect the $500. There were 35 entrants so if I distributed the money equally you would each be paid $14.28. I don’t think that is how I am going to pay the money though. I would like ideas from those who entered on how I should distribute the money.

One idea I have is to have a 12 days of Christmas theme and have 12 different giveaways of about $25-$50. The money would be in the form of cash or gift cards. Or maybe some vintage comic books if there are enough people interested in those. Another idea would be to have one big winner of the entire $500 or a big winner of $330 with $5 going to each of the other entrants so that everyone would win something.

From a logistics standpoint I favor the giveaways with fewer winners to make things easier to keep track of. Let me hear your ideas and then I will make a decision.