February Income – $3147.03

Here is a breakdown of my income for February.

Other Selling$64.92
Bank Bonuses$750
Cash Back$99.52

February was my first decent income month in a while. I needed it.

Dividend income came in at $21.50. This is down since I sold a lot of my dividend stocks to contribute to my Roth IRA.

Interest income was $44.82. This might go up this month depending on how I reallocate money from my recently completed bank bonus.

I made a net profit of $57.21 from eBay and another $64.92 other sales.

Job income came in at $2109.06 for the month. This was pretty good considering I only worked about half of the month. I’m hoping they will have another short project available before I return to Thailand.

‘I received $750 from a bank bonus. This was the most lucrative bank bonus I’ve ever received. I’ve got more bonuses in the works, but nothing near as big.

I received $99.52 cash back from a credit card and cash back shopping portals.

I’m hoping to make a decent amount of money over the next couple of weeks since I need to beef up my savings before my trip to Thailand later this month. How was your month?

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