November Expenses – $1850.60

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for November.


November was a bit of an expensive month.

Entertainment expense was for a Netflix, mini golf, and a couple other things.

Rent was for one month’s rent, electric, and water for our room in Chiang Mai.

Transportation was for a tank of gas for my wife’s scooter and a parking fee.

My food expense was $282.94 for the month. This was better than last month, but still too high due to my eating too much fast food. This month I’ll eat more Thai food and bring down this expense to a more reasonable level.

My phone bill was $26.13. I put my Google Fi plan on pause and got a Thai phone number for the month. The amount I paid in November was for a partial month of Google Fi. This month I will have to pay for the Thai phone and resume my Fi service so this expense will go up.

The household expense was for a cell phone, a haircut, laundry, and a bunch of miscellaneous household stuff.

Health expense was for one month’s health insurance premium, one month’s gym membership, and some over the counter medicine.

Travel expense includes $37.73 in airfare, $47.18 for a hotel room, and a visa extension.

The big expense for the month was the $535 I had to pay to United States Citizenship and Immigration Services for my visa application to bring my wife to the U.S. There will be a lot more fees coming next year. For now, we have to wait a few months for them to review the application.

I also gave $267.08 to my wife. She quit her job at the end of October so she could spend more time with me in November, but she still had some financial obligations to pay.

This month’s total expense should be a lot less. I’ll be going back to the U.S. this month. Almost all of the travel expenses for returning to the U.S. have already been paid. I’m not expecting any big expenses this month so my expenses should drop down to a more normal level.

How was your month?

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