Losing Weight with Healthy Wage Again

healthy wage lose weight

Long-time readers might remember that I was able to sucessfully lose 30 pounds back in 2014 with the help of being motivated by a $3000 bet with Healthy Wage. I was able to go from 226 pounds to 196 pounds. Unfortunately, after the wager was over I started gaining back the weight. I ended up setting a new highest ever weight of 232 pounds back in 2018. I’ve lost some weight since then and currently weight about 217 pounds. I haven’t been able to lose weight consistently though and I’ve never gotten close to getting to a healthy weight.

I’ve wanted to do another HealthyWager but I thought I wasn’t eligible since I was above my final weight at the end of winning wager. I recently learned that they now have a Yo-Yo rule that allows you to make another wager even if you weigh more than you did at the end of your previous winning wager. You can only make one wager using the Yo-Yo rule and they apply a downward profit adjustment for wagers made under this rule. Even with the smaller potential profit I think this will provide the motivation I need to lose a significant amount of weight. Of course, this time I need to keep losing weight even after the wager has ended.

For this wager I’m betting $1200 that I will lose 29 pounds over 6 months. If I win, I’ll get back my $1200 plus $185 profit. The $185 profit includes a $50 boost that was added for signing up through a specific link. If you would like to try Healthy Wage by signing up through my referral link you can have a $40 boost added to your wager and I’ll get a boost added to my wager as well. If you haven’t made a previous Healthy Wage you should get a better profit on your bet than I’m getting.

Betting $1200 to get a profit of $185 might not seem like much of a return. Compared to how much I’d earn in interest on that money though it is a great return. Plus I was able to pay the wager with a 2% cash back credit card to get a little more return on my money. This is somewhat risky, but I know from past experience that I’m able to lose weight when motivated and I actually do the things I need to do (like eat health and exercise) to lose weight. And if a few people sign up to do a HealthyWager using my referral link the return can get a lot better.

I haven’t weighed in for this wager yet. I’ll provide an update with my official starting weight and my goal weight later this week. I’ll also provide updates on my progress and what I’m doing to lose weight at least once a month. Have any of you tried HealthyWage?

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