April Expenses – $1380.13

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for April.


My April expenses were higher than usual, but still not too bad

Entertainment expense was for a one month digital subscription to the New York Times and a new tent for backpacking. Both of the fiberglass poles on my old tent need to be replaced and I decided to go ahead and upgrade to a new tent.

The mortgage payment was my regular mortgage payment.

Transportation was $54.61 for gasoline and $84.24 for two years of car registration, a car inspection and new wiper blades.

My food expense was rather high since I ate out almost every day and didn’t worry about how much I was spending.

My phone bill should remain about this amount now. The last $4 payment on my phone was made last month so the bill will be a little lower, until I decide to buy another phone through their payment plan.

Household expense was for deodorant, laundry, and a baseball cap. Charity and gifts was for a $100 donation and a small gift.

Health expense was for 90 day blood pressure medication refills and gym dues.

Travel expense was for two checked luggage fees, the taxes on an award flight., two nights in a hotel, the annual fee on a hotel credit card, a long Uber ride, and a $110 shuttle from near the trail to an airport almost an hour away.

This month I will be traveling again, but I think I can get my expenses back down to close to the $1000 level.

How was your month?

2 thoughts on “April Expenses – $1380.13”

    • The shuttle was more than I wanted to pay, but it was the only transportation available. The fee actually was reasonable since they were coming from a town about a half hour away from where I was staying. My first AT hike only lasted a week because my feet were getting beat up and my tent broke. I’m home now and will be starting another AT hike in a couple weeks with new footwear and a new tent. I’m hoping this hike last longer. Either way it will be my last AT hike for the year.


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