Rakuten/Ebates $40 Referral Bonus

Rakuten $40 referral bonus link

The Rakuten shopping portal (you might know it by its former name of Ebates) is offering a $40 referral bonus. If you sign up as a new member to Rakuten and spend $40 you will receive a $40 bonus and I’ll get a $40 bonus too. It is a win-win.

This is the best referral bonus I’ve seen them offer. Usually the best bonus offer is $30. Thanks to whomever used my referral link back in September. This blog doesn’t make much ad income any more so little bonuses like these are helpful.

Rakuten is a decent cash back shopping portal. Their rates usually aren’t the highest but they have occasional special deals where they offer the best rates. Over the years I have received over $500 cash back from them. It has definitely been worth my time signing up and using their portal.

Sign up using this Rakuten $40 referral bonus link to get your $40 bonus after you qualify.

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