October Expenses – $712.04

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for October.


My October expenses were quite low. This is about as low as they can get.

Entertainment expense was for a discounted month of Amazon Prime and buying a friend a Burger King lunch.

The mortgage payment is self-explanatory. I’ll usually round up the payment a bit, but I didn’t last month.

Transportation was for gas and an oil change with synthetic oil.

My food expense was at a normal level. I could reduce this, but for now I feel like I’m getting good value for the money I’m spending.

My phone bill was normal. It will usually be within a couple dollars of this total.

Household expense was for some deodorant and a socket set.

Health expense was for a dentist visit, refills of my blood pressure medications, and some antacids.

This month’s expenses will likely be a bit higher since it is difficult to keep expenses as low as I did in October. I still expect this month to be a low expense month though.

How was your month?

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