September Expenses – $1440.43

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for September.

Bar Fees$606.67

My September expenses were a little higher than normal due to some unusual expenses.

I spent $606.67 for some continuing education and my annual attorney enrollment fee so that I could return to active status. I’m hoping the return to active status will lead to a job and I’ll be able to recoup this expense. Even though the year is 3/4 of the way over I had to pay the entire annual enrollment fee to return to active status. If I have any associated income I’ll write this off as a business expense, but I don’t expect that to happen.

Entertainment expense was for seeing a movie and buying a large popcorn, and buying lunch for a friend. There were only three other people in the theater so it wasn’t difficult to stay socially distanced.

I made my first mortgage payment in September.

Transportation was for gas and six months of insurance.

My food expense went up a tiny bit. This was due to eating a lot of meals out. I need to cut back on the fast food and junk food snacks.

My phone bill was normal. It will usually be within a couple dollars of this total.

Household expense was mainly for a replacement blade for my Oneblade razor.

This month should have much lower expenses.

How was your month?

4 thoughts on “September Expenses – $1440.43”

    • My tax job does utilize my legal knowledge, but I don’t need my bar license to do that job. A J.D. is all that is required.

  1. Yeah, if you look back $8-900 seems to be Andy’s baseline now. Every couple of months there is a larger expense, but they are usually “one-off” type things that are predictable that they may happen (like a car repair), but not predictable when or exactly how they play out. Of course, the more you know, the moer you can minimize these things (like fixing the car yourself).

    I think that’s a pretty impressive baseline, because that’s also about where I stand if I don’t spend extra on travel and entertainment. I really can’t get it much lower unless I would start to produce some of my own stuff or have “alternative” living arrangements. Like food from a garden and living in a Van conversion or something.

    Compared to most of the US, it’s a very efficient lifestyle. Very eco-friendly too when you consume so little.

    • The baseline is about as low as I can get it for now. It will probably stay around this level for the next couple of years.


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