August Expenses – $858.14

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for August.


My August expenses were once again very low. I had low expenses in almost all of my expense categories.

I had an entertainment expense for the first time in a few months. I had a date with a woman here in the USA. I also bought an annual pass to Shenandoah National Park and bought a couple of other small hiking items.

My first mortgage payment wasn’t due until September, but I made an extra payment since I knew my August expenses were going to be so low.

Transportation was all for gas. This included a trip from Missouri to Virginia and back or the expense would have been much lower.

My food expense went up a bit. This was mainly due to going on a week long trip and eating a lot of meals out.

My phone bill was normal. It will usually be within a couple dollars of this total.

Household expense was for a new pair of shoes, gas for the lawnmower, and some deodorant.

Travel expense was $193.12. I took a week long trip to Shenandoah National park and did some hiking. The total includes 1 night hotel, 2 nights at a campground, tolls, and a coin-operated shower. I also spent $81.71 for taxes on a business class ticket from Chicago to Spain next February. It is a longshot that I’ll actually be able to visit Spain at that time. The ticket was so cheap I felt it was worth taking a chance.

This month will probably be a low expense month again. If I decide to travel or I decide to pay extra on the mortgage then I’ll spend a little bit more.

How was your month?

2 thoughts on “August Expenses – $858.14”

  1. Amazing how frugal you can be. I’ve never heard of a coin-operated shower. Where did you find one and how does it work? Do you have to keep feeding it quarters while you are bathing?

    • The coin operated shower was at the campground. You put in the coins ahead of time. It was $1.75 for a barely lukewarm 5 minute shower.


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