June Expenses – $1576.58

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for June.

Student Loan$345.00

My June expenses were a little high due to one large unexpected expense and another optional expense.

I once again didn’t have any entertainment expense at all. They might open the movie theaters this month and I might attend a show. If not, this category will probably be $0 again

Transportation was the killer expense this month. My car broke down while I was in a city about an hour away from home. I had to have my car towed to a local repair shop where they replaced the alternator, battery, and a belt. If I’d been in town, I think the repair bill would have been about half as much. It was just bad luck that the car broke down while I was out of town. If you own a car, you’re occasionally going to have some bad luck. I also bought one tank of gas and got a $10 refund from my auto insurance company.

I paid $345 towards my student loan. Since my online income is earmarked for paying my student loan and I actually had some income in the last couple of months I went ahead and made a payment on my loan.

My food expense was up a bit. I really didn’t try to keep this expense low since I knew I wouldn’t be spending much overall. This expense is still pretty low compared to my average spending over the last couple of years. This month, I’m going to be a little more disciplined and reduce this expense.

My phone bill was back to normal. It will usually be within a couple dollars of this total.

My health expense was $2.70 for some over the counter medicine. I’m not sure if I’ll have any health expense this month.

Household expense was for random things such as laundry detergent, stamps, and a gift of gas money to my brother.

The rent expense was only $255.40. This consisted of a $50 apartment application fee that was made before we decided to move in with my aunt. And the rest was paying my aunt’s utilities to compensate her for letting us live in her house for the month.

Travel expense was $0. I’m hoping to do some domestic travel this month. If that works out, I’ll have some travel expense this month.

The car repair and student loan payment made up over $1000 of this month’s expenses. Without those it would have been a very low expense month. I expect this month to be a little lower. I will be paying a bill for a repair on the old house and I’ll hopefully have some travel expenses. If those expenses don’t happen or are lower than expected it could be a low expense month once again.

How was your month.

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