January 12-18 Spending Report

January 12 – I spent $5.37 at McDonald’s for 2 sausage, egg, & cheese McMuffins and a large Dr Pepper. I spent $2.75 to do a load of laundry. Mcd’s is right across from the laundromat and I gave into temptation and had breakfast there while waiting on my wash. I do this almost every time I do laundry. I need to get out of this habit.

I spent $2.36 at Walmart for a dozen eggs and a half gallon of skim milk. I was wanting a smaller size of milk since I just needed a little to finish the cereal in my pantry, but the quarts and pints of milk were sold out. I also spent $10.50 at Sam’s Club for gas.

January 13 – I didn’t spent any money this day.

January 14 – I spent $4.54 on a two bacon cheeseburger combo from Burger King. This was just because I wanted fast food.

January 15 – I spent $3.41 at BK for a double cheeseburger combo. This was due to not bringing enough food with me to work. I greatly underestimated how hungry I would be.

I spent $4.18 at Walmart for cereal and a bag of Taco Doritos. Since I bought a half gallon of milk on Sunday, I now needed more cereal to finish the milk. When the milk runs out I’ll eat the rest of the cereal dry as a snack. The Doritos were an unplanned purchase. When I saw them I wanted them so I bought them and ate them. I need to do better at not giving in to my cravings.

I also spent $3.10 at Savalot for donut sticks, snack cakes, and a Lunchable. The snacks were to have for desserts with my work lunches.

January 16 – I spent $5.46 for at McDonald’s for 2 sausage, egg, & cheese McMuffins and a large Dr Pepper. I need to cut back on the fast food. I also need to switch back to diet soda or just have water with my meals.

January 17 – I spent $3.27 at BK for a double cheeseburger combo. The fast food consumption is still out of control. We were supposed to have a lunch at work. It was postponed to Monday since the roads were icy in the morning and most people didn’t come to work. I should have bought something from the grocery store to make up for the missed lunch rather than defaulting to fast food. I also spent $1.05 at Dollar General for a bag of cheese curls. I’d decided earlier in the week to not have any more chips for the rest of the month. I guess cheese curls aren’t actually chips, but still I shouldn’t have had them.

January 18 – I spent $50 for internet. This is my last internet bill. Now that I’ve finished paying the installation fee my internet will be free for as long as I live in my apartment. I spent $25 on gas. I spent $3.85 on a six-pack of Coke Zero and some snack packs of peanut butter M&Ms for my work lunches. I should now have enough sodas and snacks for the rest of the month.

I spent $99 for the annual fee on a new American Airlines credit card. I should get at least a $1000 worth of flights with the miles I’ll receive for getting the card so this is a good use of my money.

I ate too much junk food and fast food this last week. I’ll do better next week. I will make it through today without eating fast food and I don’t plan on having fast food tomorrow either. It’s a start.

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