November Expenses – $1623.85

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for November.

Student Loan$132.58

My November expenses were lower than the last couple of months , but still a little higher than I prefer.

Entertainment was for movie concessions and my Regal Unlimited monthly membership fee. This expense should be about the same this month.

Transportation expense was for gas and the annual personal property tax bill on my car. This expense will go up this month since I had to get an oil change and will still be driving a lot.

My travel expense was the annual fee on a new credit card that will earn me lots of airline miles as a signup bonus. There was also a $44 expense for taxes and seat selection on a plane ticket from LAX to Tokyo for next June. I usually don’t pay for seat selection, but paying $40 to snag an exit row bulkhead seat on a transpacific flight is well worth the price for the additional comfort.

My food expense was a little better this month, although still much higher than I think it should be. I still indulged in fast food and junk food way too often. I’m doing slightly better so far this month so I think this expense will be down a little bit.

My phone bill was down quite a bit since I used very little data during the month. It will probably be a little higher this month since I’ll likely use a little more data.

My health expense was for one month of health insurance, one month’s dues for a fitness center membership, some medicine, and a $175 for an emergency dentist visit. I got an infection in my gum surrounding my new implant right before Thanksgiving. I didn’t want to take a chance on it getting worse over the Thanksgiving holiday and being unable to see a dentist so I paid extra for an emergency dentist visit. The infection is all cleared up now. This expense should be down quite a bit this month.

This month’s expenses should be slightly lower. Hopefully, next year I will be able to start having months with less than $1000 of expenses again. How was your month?

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