May Expenses – $1093.81

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for May.

Student Loan$132.58

My May expenses were a little bit over my target of $1000 for the month. For the year, I’m still averaging under $1000 a month. If I were able to keep my monthly average for the entire year under $1000 a month that would be great. That won’t be easy to do since I plan on getting over a $1000 of dental work done this year and there are always unplanned expenses sometime during the year. It will be a good goal to work towards.

Rent was low although not quite as low as I thought it would be. I had to pay about $30 in cleaning fees when I moved out of my room in Uttaradit. I added that to my rent total. I also paid for one month’s rent in Pattaya for May 29th through June 29th. After my month is up I will travel back to Uttaradit and then Bangkok staying in hotel rooms. Thus, there won’t be any rent expense for June. Taking that into consideration my rent total for May looks great.

There was no transportation expense in May. I did purchase a bus ticket from Bangkok to Pattaya and took a taxi to my hotel in Pattaya. Those expenses are both included in my travel expenses. There are cheap buses here in Pattaya which can be taken for about 30 to 60 cents. I haven’t used one yet, but I plan to use them some this month. That will result in there being a few dollars of transportation expense this month.

My food expense was higher than I’d prefer. That is to be expected though since I ate out almost every meal and also bought some meals for my girlfriend. This month my food total will probably be even higher. Pattaya has a variety of Western restaurants which I will eat at often and they are expensive by Thai standards. The Thai food in Pattaya is much more expensive than the Thai food in Uttaradit as well.

The household expense was mainly about $90 for electricity for my room. That was pretty expensive considering my rent was only $140. The temperature was over 100 degrees almost every day which led to using the aircon a lot and the resulting high electric bill. I also bought my girlfriend a small present.

Entertainment was for two movies with concessions and a dinner out with my girlfriend. Most of our dinners I just included in food. The one meal I included in entertainment since it was a fair bit more than I would have spent if I was alone. I saw both of the movies after I arrived in Pattaya. The theater near me has all of their movies available in English so I’ll be spending a lot more at the movies this month.

Travel was for a private car from Uttaradit to Phitsanulok, a plane ticket from Phitsanulok to Bangkok, a bus from Bangkok to Pattaya, a taxi from the Pattaya bus station to my hotel, one night hotel in Pattaya, 3 nights hotel in Uttaradit and one night hotel in Shanghai, China. That is quite a bit of travel for my money. When you consider it is possible to pay $130 for one hotel night, getting 5 hotel nights, a plane ticket, a bus ticket, a private car ride, and a taxi for the same amount is a great deal.

My phone bill was low since I still had some trade-in credit to use up. This month it will be higher since I’ve used all the credit and I use more data on my phone here in Thailand. I expect it to still be a reasonable amount of $30 or so.

I paid about $50 for a dental visit. I’ll be getting a dental implant this month which will cost about $1000. That will obviously result in my medical expense being much higher this month.

May was a decent month for expenses. Even though the cost of living is cheap in Thailand my monthly expenses are still about the same as in the States since I keep my expenses so low.

This month’s expenses will be quite a bit higher due to the large dental bill. Excluding the dental bill, I expect this month’s expenses will be a little lower than May’s expenses.

2 thoughts on “May Expenses – $1093.81”

  1. $90 for A/C. I resemble that.
    I can deal with Florida and Death Valley during the day, but I need 9 hours of colder room to sleep in overnight.

    Can you break that down?

    Is that 5 baht/unit or marked-up to 8?
    Did you verify the meter reading? If not, do you intend to now?
    How many hours/day?
    Is your room partitioned so you can limit use to one zone?

    • The electric is marked up to 8 baht per unit. Most places make a little extra profit off the electric rates. I didn’t have any way to verify the meter reading. They didn’t tell me what the meter read when I moved in or show me the location of the meter. I just had to trust them. I only stayed there one month so no need to worry about the meter reading now. That was using the A/C all night and most of the day. The room wasn’t partitioned to limit the A/C use. Since the room wasn’t very big there wouldn’t have been much to partition. I think having the A/C run all night was the main contributor to the bill. I also need my room to be cold in order to sleep. I don’t see how I could cut back on the A/C much and still be comfortable. I’m okay with the electric bill since the rent is so cheap.


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