December Income – $1810.41

Here is a breakdown of my income for December.

Interest $5.10
Amazon FBA $145.28
Job $1437.71
Mystery Shops $4.84
Uber $11.19
Dividends $12.69
Online Income $193.6
Total $1810.41

December’s income was decent. The income was mostly from a couple weeks pay from a document review project. I did make a little from other sources. Job income remains my biggest source of income. I’ve got a long way to go before I can pay my expenses from non-job income.

Online income did finally come back a little. This blog didn’t make a lot of money last year. I’d like to change that this year.

My dividend income reached double digits for the first time. A lot of my stocks paid dividends in December. Not as many pay dividends in January so the dividend income will be down this month. I’m purchasing more dividend stocks as I have extra money to invest. At my current rate it will take a long time before I can go from double digits to triple digits.

I have started my tax job.  With the way the paychecks fall I will only get one paycheck from them this month. I also will have three day’s pay from the document review project. That should result in this month’s income being very close to December’s income. I’m hoping it will be just a tad higher. Since I will be returning to Thailand as soon as the tax season is over I need to make and save as much money as I can the next 3 1/2 months.

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