December 2018 Life Update

Since I’ve been back in Missouri from Thailand for about a month now I thought I would share and update of what I’m doing now and what I have planned.

I am currently working on a document review project in Kansas City. I started working on this project Monday of last week and my last day on the project will be next Friday the 28th. The Monday after that I will start my seasonal tax job. I’ll be getting my first paycheck since August this Friday. It will be nice to have money start coming in again.

My job has offered a remote option the last few years, but not for employees that live in Kansas City. Since I broke up with my ex-girlfriend in March of this year and we’re no longer friends the tax job was the only reason for me to stay in KC. I didn’t especially want to stay in KC so I asked my boss if I could work remote from southern Missouri. The answer was affirmative and I have now moved to a small town in southern MO.

I will be living with my mother. This gives me the benefit of low rent and no lease. Of course, it also gives me a lot of time with my mother which is mostly a benefit.

I do plan on returning to Thailand next year as soon as my tax job is over. Thus, I didn’t want to sign a lease anywhere. Renting from a month-to-month place would have been expensive and most of them aren’t great. Moving out of KC and in with my mother should be a great solution to that problem.

The lower living costs plus the lack of a commute should allow me to save quite a bit of money from my tax job. This will hopefully allow me to visit Thailand longer next year. I’m also looking into ways, such as teaching English, that I can earn money while in Thailand.

I’m not sure what my long-term plans are right now. All I currently have figured out is that I will work my tax job and then return to Thailand. I don’t currently think I will ever move to Thailand full-time. I may just split my time between Thailand and the US the next few years. I’ll see how things go with my Thai girlfriend and hopefully figure out my longer-term plans sometime next year.

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