July Income – $2732.20

Here is a breakdown of my income for July.

Interest $5.13
Amazon FBA $156.38
Job $2110.73
Cash Back $43.65
Dividends $0.22
Uber $72.99
Bank Bonus $100
Online Income $175.93
Mystery Shopping $16
Selling Stuff $51.17
Total $2732.20

July’s income was pretty good. I got 4 paychecks from the job I started at the end of June. I plan to continue to work that job until one week before I leave for Asia.

I had a total of 10 different sources of income in July. I think that might be the most sources of income I’ve ever had in a month.  The 9 sources other than the job weren’t much compared to my job income. The roughly $600 of non-job income is approximately 60% of my targeted monthly expenses of $1000. I think I’d be able to get my monthly expenses down to $600 if I relocated to Chiang Mai. That makes the $600 of non-job income seem more substantial.

This month won’t have as many sources of income so the total will likely be down a bit. I expect my income will be at least double my expenses so it will be a good month.

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