October Expenses – $1059.57

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for October.

Household $35.88
Rent $435
Entertainment $16.45
Transportation $107.53
Food $176.93
Travel $0
Phone $23.93
Health $263.85
Total $1059.57


October was a fairly good month for expenses. I would have made my monthly goal of $1000 if it were not for the two dentist appointments I had during the month.

My monthly food expense was way too high. If I had kept that expense to a reasonable $100, I would have made my $1000 goal. Since I ate out about 25 times during the month it is no surprise that my food bill was high. I plan to cut the food budget way back this month. I’ll do a post about that next week.

I also have spent about $1000 on an appraisal and inspection of the house I’m buying. I’m leaving those costs out of the monthly budget since they will skew the numbers. The closing costs and down payment I’ll have to pay later this month will also be left out of the monthly budget. Once the house purchase is complete I will have high expenses for the next few months as I buy stuff for the house (I’m living in a 120 square foot apartment right now so I don’t have much stuff) and do a little remodeling. I think those expenses will be worth it. Once I’m a homeowner the $1000 monthly expense target will no longer be realistic so I’ll adjust that accordingly.

How was your month?

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