Making Money with Pinecone Surveys

One of the ways I used to make extra money was through doing surveys. My favorite survey company was Pinecone Surveys. When I first started using them they paid $5 per survey. They have since reduced the survey payout to $3 per survey. I did surveys with them at both pay levels and never had any problems getting paid.

It has been a few years since I did a survey with them though. It takes about 20 minutes to complete a survey and you don’t qualify for many of the available surveys. I decided that the payout was no longer worth my time since I always have other things to work on that should result in a better return on investment of my time. That being said, these surveys are a fairly easy way to make a little extra money. If you do them when you’re watching TV or otherwise would be wasting time they can be a reasonable use of your time.

If you would like to see if you are eligible to participate in Pinecone Surveys use the affiliate link below.

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3 thoughts on “Making Money with Pinecone Surveys”

  1. I was in the same boat. It just wasn’t worth it to me anymore. I think they actually ‘fired’ me because I didn’t respond soon enough on multiple occasions. I guess if you have the time and diligence, go for it.

  2. Pinecone is one of the better survey sites. At $9 per hour, that rate of pay is more than double than what a lot of survey sites pay. Plus the fact they don’t disqualify during a survey is an added bonus.

  3. I decided when I early retired to set a minimum price for my time. In my case anything that pays less than that I don’t do for money. I do plenty for free when I believe I’m helping others but if it is for pay it has to meet my hurdle. $15 per hour isn’t even in the ballpark.


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