August Expenses – $1673.22

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for August.

Household $403.21
Entertainment $6.49
Transportation $77.70
Food $184.14
Student Loan $749.40
Travel $89.14
Phone $36.79
Health $126.35
Total $1673.22

My August expenses were nice and low. I’m quite happy with the total expenses for the month. If you deduct the $749.40 I paid towards my student loan then my total expenses for the month were under $1000 which is my stretch goal for every month. The extra paid towards my student loan in August came from my online income. I have committed to using all income earned from my blogs to pay down my student loan.  If you buy something or sign up for a service through one of the affiliate links on this site the money I earn in commission will go towards my student loan. It had been a few months since I had made an extra payment which resulted in the large payment in August. I need to start making the payments every month I have online income so it isn’t such a hit to my checking account when I make the extra payment.

The only expense category I wasn’t happy with in August was the food category. I spent way too much money on food in August. Some of that was due to my Vegas trip where I paid over $16 for a Shake Shack (overrated) meal. Even without the trip my food spending would have been way too high. I’m aiming to cut that expense in half this month.

Other than that I expect my expenses in September to be pretty similar to August.

4 thoughts on “August Expenses – $1673.22”

  1. I’ve never eaten at Shake Shack, but it sounds expensive. Found a cheap flight to Vegas plus I have some free room offers so we will be going later this month. Do you do anything besides gambling when you go?

    • Jon – This trip I didn’t really do much more than gamble. I do like to eat at In-n-Out burger whenever I’m in Vegas since there aren’t any anywhere close to KC and I usually try a place like Shake Shack that I haven’t tried before. I saw a lot of the local attractions when I lived in Vegas and don’t feel any need to see them again. I might check out some of the newer casinos next time I’m there. I don’t have any trouble filling up my time even if I don’t gamble much on a particular day.


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