August Expenses – $1188.95

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for August.

Household $406.39
Entertainment $0.80
Transportation $169.55
Food $92.81
Student Loan $183.86
Travel $0
Phone $36.79
Health $259.85
Total $1188.95


My August expenses were reasonable. They were much lower than in July when I had to pay for my dental implant surgery.  They still weren’t under $1000 like I’d prefer due to medical expenses. Since I’ll have medical expenses and my trip expenses this month my expenses won’t be under $1000 this month either.

One good thing about the high expenses the previous month was that they generated a lot of credit card cash back rewards. I used the rewards to eliminate my travel spending for the month and to almost eliminate my entertainment expense for the month. Both of those categories will be higher this month and the travel category will be a lot higher.

My food expense was unusually low in August. I somehow managed to cut way back on my usual fast-food spending. I’ve already spent more on fast-food this month then in all of August so my food expense will be higher as well.

I’ll be lucky if I can keep my expenses below $1500 this month since I spent about $300 on my trip. If I have to pay my biopsy bill this month as well then my expenses will be way over $1500. If it weren’t for medical expenses I’d be very pleased with my level of spending this year. Since the medical expenses are somewhat unavoidable I don’t feel too bad about them. I will just do my best to contain the expenses that are under my control.

2 thoughts on “August Expenses – $1188.95”

  1. Marilyn – The 80 cents for entertainment was after deducting my cash back earned during the month from the travel and entertainment categories. The original total was a bit more. You can’t have too much fun for eighty cents.


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