January Expenses – $919.89

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for January.

Household $411.05
Entertainment $44.94
Transportation $50
Food $132.82
Student Loan $106.00
Travel $39.20
Phone $26.81
Health $109.07
Total $919.89


My January expenses were nice and low. I managed to make my stretch goal of keeping my expenses under $1000 a month for the second month in a row. Not having a car does help keep my monthly expenses down. Entertainment expenses were also low since we were able to use gift cards we received for Christmas to go to the movies a couple of times and we didn’t do much else. The travel expenses are for airfare for two different trips. My GF and I are flying round trip KC to Vegas in March. In April we will both fly from KC to Buffalo and she will return to KC while I will take a bus to the Appalachian Trail.  Paying $39.20 for three round trip flights and a one-way flight is a pretty good deal. The flights did put a big dent in my Southwest point balance. I’ll need to build them back up if we are going to have free flights for later this year.  I intend to write a post about these trips in the next few weeks.

My health insurance is about $30 higher this year, other than that my expenses are about the same as last month. February should also be a low expense month. Until I get my dental implants or buy a car every month should be a low expense month. It looks like this will be a low expense year and I’m happy about that.

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