Weight Loss Goal Achieved!

CAM00421 It wasn’t easy, but I have finally achieved my weight loss goal. As most of you probably already know I bet $3000 back in April that I could lose 30 pounds in six months. My weight loss started off fast and then plateaued for most of the summer. This last month I kicked the weight loss into high gear again since I was in serious danger of losing $3000. The last few pounds to lose were very stubborn. I was stuck with about five pounds to lose for two weeks. This week I watched my diet very carefully and exercised and was finally rewarded with meeting my weight loss goal. I would have preferred to have lost more than my goal, but just hitting the goal is still a big accomplishment. I’m celebrating meeting my goal by eating some foods I’ve been denying myself this weekend. After that I’m going to get back to losing weight. My new goal will be to get to 170 pounds which is considered a healthy weight for my height. I’m hoping I can hit that goal early next year. The all-inclusive vacation next month and all the holiday food might make that goal difficult, but I think I can do it.

I just sent the email to HealthyWage.com to claim my winnings. I don’t think they have anyone working the weekends, but I’m hoping it won’t take too long to process the winnings. I’ll let you know how the process of collecting my winnings goes and do a review of my experience with Healthy Wage once my bet has been paid.

5 thoughts on “Weight Loss Goal Achieved!”

    • Victoria – Thanks. The money was a big incentive. There is no way I would have stuck to my diet and exercise the past month like I did if I wasn’t worried about losing the money. I was often tempted to eat junk food or skip my exercise, but the thought of losing $3000 kept me on track.

    • Jon – Did you lose any weight in Ecuador? The couple of times I’ve stayed in Guatemala for a month or more I’ve lost 10 pounds a month without even trying.

      I think you can lose the weight. You just have to figure out what process works for you.

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