July Expenses – $2041.92

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for July.

Household $418.03








Student Loan









My July expenses were much higher than I like. The budget buster in July was an $875 car repair.  I hit a curb and busted one of the springs in my car and had to replace the entire front suspension. That should teach me to be more careful and to slow down when parking.  My food bill was a little high since I ate fast food way too often. I plan to cut back on that expense this month. My health expense was larger than normal since I had a couple of dental visits, but considering I did have two dental visits it is actually pretty low. I’ll probably have at least one more dental visit this month.  Everything else was about normal and will probably be about the same this month. If I can manage to avoid any large car repairs this month I should be able to get my expenses back down to the $1000 level.

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