January Expenses – $2106.65

Here is a breakdown of our expenses for January.



















Expenses were lower in January than in December but still not quite as low as I would like. Our health expenses were high because I paid for a six-month health insurance policy upfront and we joined a fitness center.  The other area we can improve on is food.  We didn’t eat out too much but we spent over $300 in groceries.  About $60 was spent on a package of all natural meat.  It is good meat but I’m not sure if it is within our budget.  We are planning out our grocery purchases in advance this month which I hope will save us some money. It might even save us enough to continue to buy all natural meat.  Our other expenses will likely be about the same this month as before.

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  1. How much meat did you get for $60? Seems expensive. I’ve nearly eliminated red meat from my diet – tough to digest. It’s helped my budget, too.

    Do you have any plans of buying a house one day? I dream of the day I no longer have a mortgage to pay. I also don’t consider being tied down because I can always rent my house out if I get tired of living here.

  2. For your readers: I am the wonderful supporting wife of Tight Fisted Miser; and I can say that the All Natural Meat is much better for us, and I do plan on making another purchase. We have purchased meat from our local grocery store, and I not so sure that it is that much cheaper. I do support and trust my husband when it comes to our budget, but when it comes to our health, I do try very hard to make sure we are eating better. We may spend a little more, but look at your fruits and vegetables out there, it does cost more to eat better. There are so many additives in our meats and some of those are the reason why we have health problems in this country.I could write a long list of these issues. I love my family, and if spending 1.50 more a lb on meats that have no additives and are by grass fed cattle,pigs, chicken, and lamb; and I know the owners and trust their products, then I will spend the extra money. It will pay off by my family living a healthier life. Since my husband and daughter have an issue with vegetables ( they avoid them) then it is my job to make sure our meals are better for them.
    I would like for us to have a house, and my business is going to help make that come true one day.

  3. Thanks for the clarification, Mrs. Tight Fisted Miser. 🙂 I was wondering about your family size; are you a family of 3? We struggle with grocery costs too, especially since we try to eat organic fruits and veggies.

  4. Yes we are a family of 3. My daughter does go to her dads and stays with my mom since we are all close and she is 15 so she likes to spend time with other family. I so agree that eating Organic Fruits and veggies are costly. I get my meats from a place called, Middleton Farms, here is their website http://www.middletonsallnaturalmeats.com, they do a great job and will send your order to you . Tell them that Carrie Hough sent you. I think their meats are very good and right now with the cost of food, it is not that much higher. They also do package deals.
    Good luck to you.


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