I Got a Job

I managed to obtain a part-time job. It isn’t in the legal field and doesn’t make use of my degree in any way but it will at least cover my bills for now. And it will allow me plenty of free time to work on my online endeavors and look for another job. One plus is that the job is working for a non-profit. If I spend ten years working for a non-profit my student loans will be forgiven. I don’t see myself spending ten years working for this company but the time is cumulative so it could be added to any time spent working a public service job in the future. I am training this week and starting next weekend. I’ll let you know how it goes.

3 thoughts on “I Got a Job”

  1. Congratulations, Andy. I have found work also and my start date is December 1st. I’ve been out of work since August 31st so I have mixed feelings. I love the freedom I have had for three months to earn money through alternative ways (for me, that’s been mostly mystery shopping). But having a regular job erases the uncertainty about my income, which is nice. For example, this week I haven’t had a ton of luck lining of mystery shops for next week – everything has already been taken for November. That isn’t something I planned for but will have to live with!


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