Reflections on First 3L Week

I just completed my first week back in law school and I am finally a 3L. This school year will be my last one way or the other. Hopefully it won’t be the other. This semester will be the big test. I have 6 classes for a total of 14 credits this semester. Next semester I only need to take 9 credits to have enough to graduate so that semester should be easy.

My classes this semester are only on Tuesdays,Thursdays, and Fridays. My Friday classes don’t last all semester. I’ll have it even easier after those classes end. The classes I’m worried about are App Ad II and my Family Law clinic. Both require public speaking, legal research, and legal writing which aren’t my favorite things. They’re pretty important things though if you want to be a lawyer though so I need to do it. I also have to retake Biz Org which I think should be easy for me. I didn’t think the class was difficult last time but I bombed the final so I probably shouldn’t overestimate my knowledge. Overall, I don’t think this semester will be too difficult academically. I’m not used to getting up early for classes and I haven’t gotten into a routine yet. In another week or so that should be established and everything should be relatively smooth sailing.

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