Quitting My Job

After thinking it over this weekend I’ve decided to quit my job.  This isn’t just because I was robbed although being robbed certainly was a major factor.  The increasing amount I’m spending on gas and the fact that my car is on its last legs were also contributing factors.  I’m planning to move farther away from my job when my lease is over at the end of September.  That would also make it less practical to keep my job.

I haven’t told my boss yet, I’m going to tell him when I work tonight.  Quitting this job shouldn’t be a problem for me financially.  I have some savings beyond my $1000 emergency fund and some online income to help pay bills as well.  I’ll be receiving financial aid next month for school.  I don’t want to spend any of this money on living expenses but it is available for that if needed. I was planning to only work two days a week once school started so I won’t have to replace too much income.  Maybe not having a job will give me the motivation to kick my online earnings into high gear.

5 thoughts on “Quitting My Job”

  1. Good for you! I quit my second job earlier this year when our son was born. Took a bit of an income hit, but I have a lot more time to spend with our son and take care of all the other stuff I need to do. Much less stressful than if I were trying to “do it all”

  2. Best of luck to you. Perhaps another job will present itself that will work out better for you – or perhaps devoting yourself full time to your online endeavors will be more fruitful than you can imagine!


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