Don't Wait Until You Retire

There are a lot of things I want to accomplish that I don’t get done.  I tell myself that this is due to the time constraints imposed on me by school and my job but that isn’t entirely true.  A recent post at My Money Blog,  “The Depressing Truth About Early Retirement” helped me realize what I already knew. The post describes how early retirees have many things they want to accomplish thatthey don’t get done.  This makes them realize that it isn’t the job holding them back but a lack of motivation, organization, or discipline.

I have to admit those factors are what is holding me back.  If  I can’t get things done now, why would it be any different when I’m retired?  I can’t accomplish everything I want to while working but I can accomplish some things.  Right now I’m not getting much done at all.  I need to focus on getting some things accomplished now so I can continue and expand on that when I retire and have more time.  I’m considering a semi-retirement of sorts that would allow me to get stuff done and still earn money.  This would consist of working half the year and ratcheting up my frugality the rest of the year.  My future living plans that I was going to post about yesterday will be a key element in making the semi-retirement feasible. I promise  I’ll post about that on Monday.

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