More Love for the Hoopty

If you’re a regular reader of this blog than you know that I have a hoopty(beat up old car) and think it is one of the better forms of frugal transportation. Trent at The Simple Dollar recently linked to a couple of posts that show why a hoopty is a great,frugal transportation choice.

Do Cars Stop Depreciating After 200K Miles? from Pro Bargain Hunter. My car has over 200,000 miles and I’m not at all worried about it depreciating. I plan to get just salvage value from it when I’m done with it, anything more will just be gravy. I bought my car for $1750 so even a 100% depreciation wouldn’t be that much.

Hybrid vs. Gasoline Vehicle Comparison – Are Hybrids Worth it? from Million Dollar Journey. After reading this post Trent came to the conclusion that the most efficient car in terms of carbon emission and fuel efficiency isn’t a hybrid. It’s driving an old Toyota or Honda into the ground. If you’re concerned about being green consider that by buying an older car you’re keeping it out of the junkyard and helping delay the carbon emissions that would result from manufacturing a new vehicle.

If going without a vehicle isn’t a viable option for you than I would suggest that buying a hoopty is your next best option.

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