January Expenses

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for January.
















I’m happy that the total was under $1000 but I do have some areas in need of improvement.  My goal for food is $100 a month and I’ve been going over that.  The main reason I’ve been going over is that I’ve been buying too much junk food and fast food.  That makes going over doubly bad.  It will be the main area I concentrate on for February.  My utilities were too high with my gas bill being over $100.  I’ve already taken steps that should cut that down significantly.  I won’t have a book expense this month unless I decide to buy some study aids.

The category of transportation was down quite a bit since I only worked half the month.  Also I didn’t need to do any repairs or maintenance.  That will change this month since I plan to have some work done on my car.  Household and entertainment expenses should be roughly the same.

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