December Marathon

I plan to run a marathon next month.  I was going to run a marathon last month but never got on track with training.  I still haven’t started running on a regular basis but I have a month and a half to get ready for the marathon.  This is enough time to get in shape to finish the marathon but not enough time to be able to finish the marathon in a good time.

This will be my fifth marathon and they have all been in different states.  I hope to someday have the 50 states and D.C. completed. I’ll have to pick up the pace eventually because one marathon a year won’t get that done.

The marathon I’m going to run is going to be held on Dec. 30th at 2 pm.  This should work in my favor because the cold weather makes it easier to run.  You get too cold if you stop running.  Also I’m not a morning person so the usual early morning start time of marathons doesn’t work as well for me as this afternoon start should.  I’ll keep you updated as the marathon nears.

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